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With So Many Task Management Apps In the Sea, Which Should You Choose?

Posted by Kevin Hutchinson

Oct 6, 2015 3:54:31 PM

For boat owners considering tools to help them manage their boat, the collection of task management applications out there is vast. And when the possibilities are so numerous, making a decision can feel like an overwhelming proposition.


But there is a way to cut through the various choices and reach a conclusion quickly. Most owners have one thing in common—they want to spend as much time as possible on the water. So for the maritime-inclined, the easiest way to identify the best task manager is to compare functionality and determine which product offers the widest array of features designed to help you take full advantage of boating season. As you conduct your search, keep a sharp eye out for these critical features:

Service coordination: Visibility into work orders and repairs is vital for owners who bring their vessels to service professionals. When consumers can get real-time status updates on service orders, they can plan day trips or longer adventures on the water without worrying that they won’t have their boats back in time. Additionally, best-in-class task managers allow owners to request and receive real-time cost estimates so there are never any surprises when they go to pick up their vessels. 

Record keeping: Owners take great pride in keeping their boats in top working order. They go to great lengths to ensure their vessels are ready when the season begins and that they remain in good shape for months afterward. As such, record keeping functionality can be extremely valuable in a task management app, as it allows mariners to maintain and continuously update their to-do lists so that they never overlook crucial tasks.

Social community: Sometimes the only place to get a reliable answer to a question or a recommendation for a service professional in an unfamiliar area is from another owner. An advanced task manager should include access to an open community that freely shares reviews on service shops, solutions to mechanical problems or general discussion of common interests.

Task assignment: When owners have to take their vessels in to a service professional, they want the experience to be as painless as possible. That means they don’t want to have to continue calling or e-mailing service professionals to approve new work orders. A top-flight task management app should provide marine enthusiasts with the ability to communicate with boatyards and shops online anywhere, at any time, using any device.   

Wading Through the Choices

While it’s true that there are many task manager apps “in the sea,” many of these choices lack the full range of features and functionality that actually saves owners time and makes their lives more convenient. If you have been fishing for a task manager and are still waiting for a bite on your line, make a checklist of the features that are absolutely critical to you and start by weeding out those products that don’t offer them. Once you’ve narrowed down your options, you can begin to look at everything the various apps offer and make the right decision from there.      

Infographic: How Boat Owners Select Boatyards