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Socialize at Sea: How Task Managers Allow You to Follow Fellow Boaters

Posted by Kevin Hutchinson

Aug 11, 2015 3:43:13 PM

Just because you’re off boating alone, it doesn’t mean that your only friend has to be a volleyball named Wilson.  Being able to stay connected with friends and family, as well as other boaters, while at sea is one of the great advantages of the latest task management apps on the market. Granted you can always use WhatsApp to send instant messages to your loved ones or post pictures on Instagram to show off the 600-pound blue marlin you caught, but if you want a comprehensive communication tool that can keep you in touch with those you know and other boaters out at sea, it’s time to consider a task management app.

Imagine you’re out on the open ocean, and you’re headed for a port you’ve never visited before. An advanced task manager allows you to communicate with fellow boaters in the area to get a sense of what to expect. For instance, is there a great restaurant you should try? Do you need a recommendation for a trusted mechanic? These are all advantages of the social features of task managers.

Of course, as a precautionary tool, being connected to fellow boat owners is always useful. As people who often boat alone can attest to, an autotether, a life vest and a personal locator beacon (PLB) are indispensable, lest you fall overboard while fishing. But beyond the basics, the social features of an advanced task manager can offer the following functions:

  • Search for relevant boating information
  • Engage fellow boaters to ask for or offer advice
  • Connect with boaters who have common interests
  • Post pictures and videos for family and friends to enjoy (or simply to make them jealous)
  • Access repair shops or other boating providers

Since most task managers are free for consumers to download, there aren’t many reasons not to sign up. But in a world saturated with social media, who needs another app on their smartphone or tablet, you may ask yourself? If your only interest is in communicating with those you know, text messaging will probably suffice, but we’re not talking about simply posting baby pictures or wishing Bobby a Happy Graduation.

Task managers actively engage you with fellow boaters who have the same concerns, questions and interests as you. Are there more fish near Iron Bound Cove off Catalina Island? Your friend Matt from college who lives in Idaho will have no idea, but a boater fishing in the area will. It’s also convenient to consolidate all your boating needs on a single app rather than alternating between a variety of sites. Aside from social contact, advanced task managers also allow you to get in touch with service providers, schedule maintenance and repairs, as well as file all your boat related data and documentation.

So whether you’re fishing largemouth bass in Castaic Lake, California, mako shark in Boston’s Massachusetts Bay, or just out for a daytrip on the boat in your hometown, it’s always useful to stay connected to those who understand you best. Nothing is as effective as a task manager as it keeps your social circle limited to the water, because honestly, when you’re out on the surf, who cares about what Aunt Judy posted on Facebook.


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