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Differentiate your boatyard with electronic task management

Posted by Kevin Hutchinson

Aug 25, 2015 5:19:48 PM

If you own a boatyard or boat repair shop, you don’t need to be told how fastidious boat owners can be. Although they may technically be “recreational” mariners, these boaters take the condition of their vessels seriously, meaning that it is no simple task to keep them satisfied with your service.

Furthermore, as boat sales continue to rise, the boat repair market grows increasingly saturated. And the U.S. recreational boating industry is expected to expand by 5 percent in 2015, according to recent research from the National Marine Manufacturers Association. History has repeatedly shown that when a market grows, new players rush to enter the space. So, how can you keep your boating business from getting lost in the shuffle?  

In today’s marketplace, maintaining open communication with customers and providing excellent service is perhaps the most effective way for businesses to differentiate themselves from their competition. Customer expectations for service continue to rise across all industries and in the discerning recreational marine sector in particular; as a result, those organizations that excel in providing truly superb customer experiences see direct financial benefits. In fact, businesses that emphasize a superior customer experience realize a 10 to 15 percent increase in revenue, according to recent research from McKinsey.  

For boatyard owners and service professionals, a task management tool can help bridge the communication gap with their customers and provide the high-level service that breeds loyalty and retention. A task manager app allows the business to communicate seamlessly with owners on any device at any time. The task manager enables the boatyard or repair shop to offer customers convenience that competitors can’t match through features such as:

  • Task sharing that allows owners to send tasks to boatyards and service professionals and approve work orders all from a mobile device
  • Photo and video sharing that lets customers get repair estimates before they bring their vessels in for service
  • Access to service history records that help owners track all work done on their boats
  • Reminders that notify owners when their vessels are due for a service appointment
  • Status tracking that allows owners to monitor the progress of service or repairs easily from any device, rather than having to call, text or email the boatyard or shop

A task manager also provides value to customers by providing service professionals with the tools they need to optimize their operations. For instance, an advanced task manager allows technicians to access repair manuals for specific vessels at any point, making it more likely that repairs are done quickly and correctly the first time.

A task manager app also helps service professionals improve efficiency and productivity by enabling them to centralize financial documents, integrate back-office documents with technicians’ work records, track inventory and process work orders. Leveraging this array of functionality allows service shops and boatyards to ensure all client-facing records are accurate and also helps them improve workflow and, thereby, complete tasks more quickly.  

If you are beginning to look over your shoulder at your competitors and wondering how you are going to keep them at bay moving forward, an advanced task manager might be just the advantage you need. In a rapidly expanding industry populated by discerning customers, service is only going to grow increasingly important in the years to come. By adopting an advanced task manager, you can position your business to blow the competition out of the water.


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